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Virtual Careers Fair for Greater China & South East Asia – 29th Oct – 2nd Nov 2012

Why participate in the virtual careers fair?

This event provides a way of exploring career opportunities in Greater China and South East Asia and applying for job vacancies and internships without the expense of an overseas trip. Each employer taking part is specifically interested in the added value provided by a UK education. Participation is FREE OF CHARGE. 

What are virtual careers fairs?

Virtual fairs take place on a web-based platform upon which are gathered a number of software tools. Using these tools allows students to:

  • Access information on employers and their job opportunities
  • Participate in live text-based chats with employers each day
  • Seek advice from professional careers advisers
  • Submit online applications for opportunities in Greater China and South East Asia

Who is this for?

This Virtual Careers Fair is for all students and graduates of universities in the UK seeking employment in Greater China and South East Asia. 

Pre-registration is now available:

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