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The Power of LinkedIn – A Student’s Perspective

Many students see LinkedIn as “just another social network”, however I have discovered it is quite different. I have seen the benefits that LinkedIn provides first-hand, with companies contacting me directly about my interests and with details of internships they were offering.

Many people associate LinkedIn as a job hunting tool but it is much more than that! Here’s what makes LinkedIn the top professional social network for students:

  1. LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to showcase your skills, interests and previous work experience (a bit like an online CV but slightly more detailed and professionally focussed) where you can display work that you have done whether it be in an academic setting or for a professional company, for example work on a website or producing a video etc.
  2.  LinkedIn allows you to connect with past and present employers, colleagues, and friends so you can keep up to date with all the latest news, such as what’s happening at your previous workplace (maybe if you were there on placement or an internship?) Colleagues have the opportunity to endorse your skills displayed on your profile, they can also leave a recommendation about you this will let people looking at your profile know what kind of person you are, what you are like to work with and the kind of work you produce etc.
  3.  LinkedIn also provides you with the opportunity to follow a number of companies in a variety of different industries – for example I recently added Red Bull, BAE Systems, Google and Apple. The latest company news will then come on your feed and you can also get the latest job vacancies too.
  4.  LinkedIn has a specific section that allows you to search for jobs – many filters can be applied to the lists so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, you can search on job title in a specific area but there are also options to add salary details and specific company names, but these are optional.
  5.  The Groups function is extremely useful and an interesting resource that allows you to join groups related to areas that you are interested in and discuss issues/experiences with like-minded professionals. It may come in handy for research purposes or projects, no matter if they are academic, professional or personal. You can keep up to date with the latest developments within that group by signing up to receive notifications when a new item is posted.

I hope that from this short blog fellow students will be able to see just what benefits LinkedIn does offer students. I personally have found it a very valuable resource and I think you would too!

By Chelsea Douglas, UWS Student

On the 10th Day of Christmass…

10thOn the 10th Day of Christmas…

UWS CES brings to you…

TEN LinkedIn profile tips

Your profile has a powerful impact on your career. It’s a snapshot of who you are, and your 24-hour recruitment tool.

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Have you Googled yourself?

If not… do it now!

What did you find?

Your digital footprint can impact your future career… both negatively and positively!



The number of employers who are using social media to get background information on job candidates is increasing and there are numerous stories in the media about candidates being rejected due to their social media presence.

You need to manage this by ensuring appropriate privacy settings are in place, but you can also use social media to your advantage, by building a professional profile on LinkedIn and other social media platforms such as Twitter. These can help you to extend your network beyond your immediate circle, thus increasing potential career opportunities. You should also be aware that many companies are now utilising social media platforms to advertise vacancies and seek out candidates, so if you are not using these platforms you may miss out on the job of your dreams!

Want to find out more?

Come along to our Social Media for your Career session – Paisley Campus J105 – 4th November 2014 12.30pm To book your place visit:


Kick Start Your Career – Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton & Paisley Campuses

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Exams over what next?


Why not rev up your career prospects by attending one of our Kick Start your Career session with the help of The Careers and Employability Service.


These sessions are specifically designed for students leaving and seeking employment.  These motivational sessions will help you look at what you can offer an employer and how to communicate your message along with key job sources.




These session will take place on all campuses.  If you would like to attend, please email with your name, banner number, course and which campus you would like to attend,  to Lindsay McDonald (Careers Adviser)




Full details of the session are listed below


Kick Start you Career Sessions


Ayr campus:                       Wednesday 4th June 2014                            11am -1pm                                          Room TBC


Dumfries Campus:           Wednesday 4th June 2014                            11pm – 1pm                                       Room R204


Hamilton Campus:           Monday 26th May 2014                                  10am  – 12pm                                     Room A062


Paisley Campus:               Thursday 29th May 2014                                 10am – 12pm                                     Room D124




The format:


  •  What Employers look for?  (skills and attributes)
  • Dispel the myths about the graduate job market
  • Advice on CVs and Applications
  • Job search tactics and resources
  • Interview tips and techniques
  • Using Social Media for your career
  • Careers and Employability Service –how we can help
  • Q and A session


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