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Job of the Week ICT Development Officer & Team Leader – HRM Homecare

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Job title: ICT Development Officer & Team Leader

Salary: neg.

Hours: 37 1/2hours per week (fulltime)

Annual Leave: 20 working days per annum plus 8 public holidays

Location: HRM Homecare Services Ltd.

Job Summary:

The post holder leads a small ICT Team responsible for the development and maintenance of ICT infrastructure across the companies 4 sites. ICT hardware, software and systems management is fundamental to the operation and future growth of this long established care company, and in the provision of front line support to the customers of HRM Homecare Services Ltd. The post holder provides operational support for HRM Homecare Services and assists customers through field support.

Key Responsibilities:

· Managing the work of the ICT team on a day to day basis and ensuring that the team meets and delivers company specific business targets and goals

· Developing the ICT infrastructure in line with business targets and market opportunities

· The post holder provides technical support for staff, by responding timeously to requests for service logged with Customer Service. They resolve issues and provide support to director HRM Homecare and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards through site visits. This will include workstations, printer and software preventative maintenance

· The post holder assists staff with guidance and resolving questions on the best use of software and the ICT facilities

· The post holder installs and maintains ICT equipment throughout HRM Homecare Ltd, including the installation of software and hardware

· The post holder takes responsibility for investigating and resolving non routine ICT issues and problems, making use of their detailed technical knowledge and experience. Liasing with other internal support groups and/or outside external suppliers as necessary.

· The post holder in association with other ICT teams, works to get maximum efficiency in installing or re-installing HRM hardware. The post holder must carry this out in line with HRM policy and in particular Software Licensing and Control policy.

· The post holder provides appropriate specialist technical help to support research, and other aspects of teaching and learning. This will include the evaluation and hardware and software in determining new standards as part of the overall service delivered by customer service.

· The post holder will carry out their duties in accordance with HRM Homecare Services Ltd procedure with respect to ICT management and will make certain that the service is delivered within ITIL best practice.

· The post holder will engage in a process of continuous service improvement, through monitoring quality, customer needs and personal development.

Role of the Department:

The department will provide direct ICT services to HRM Homecare. The department provides both development of solutions, through business planning processes and operational support for the activities supported by ICT. The Customer Service section provides support and access to services for both students and staff of HRM Homecare Services Ltd to get the most from HRM Homecare Services.

Assignment and Review of Work

The day to day work is determined by the team leader and allocated to other team members. Each member of the team will be responsible for multiple calls and required to plan their workload accordingly. They will co-ordinate the tasks in hand to meet deadlines and dovetail with the overall team objectives. They choose the order in which tasks of equal priority are tackled and will apply their knowledge to both routine and non-routine tasks to resolve problems and issues. Scheduled network tasks are planned on a weekly basis.

The post holder may work on projects to install new services or roll out new ICT facilities and will determine the method to achieve the best result in conjunction with business objectives set in conjunction with the Line Manager.

There is not close supervision of the post holder. When duties have been agreed they are expected to take responsibility for their completion, considering the impact on others and HRM ICT environment, making sure that they are completed to the standards of performance laid down in service agreements.

The ICT Development Officer and Team Leader supervises completion of the departmental tasks and provides

supervision and guidance for team members. The Line Manager will carry out ongoing and annual appraisals.

Working Relationships

There is both a strong element of customer focus and a strong reactive element with this post, responding quickly to systems operational and maintenance requirements to ensure the highest levels of quality service provision to customers is maintained.

The post holder will apply their knowledge when developing, in conjunction with other ITC personnel, new ICT resources and systems. Their role as a local expert will make them a key contributor, either individually or as part of a team to such developments.

The ability to share information with others is a key requirement in the support of customers. The post holder will be able to explain technical concepts in non technical language to any member of staff or student who needs information about the ICT service in HRM Homecare Services Ltd.

The post holder will communicate with 3rd party suppliers to facilitate service to HRM Homecare Services Ltd for support and warranty issues.

The post holder will have a good knowledge of all HRM policies where it relates to ICT. They must understand and work within the associated procedures (hardware refresh, licensing control procedures, etc) as well as exhibiting good working practice.

The post holder is expected to update and develop their technical knowledge in line with industry developments.

The post holder will be required to produce procedural documentation and relevant reports as required.

The post holder is expected to assist in the development and presentation of induction sessions for students to help them to get the best from HRM Homecare Services Ltd’s facilities.

The post holder ensures that the asset register in maintained and that all activity undertaken is reflected in the asset register.

The post holder will have a variety of specialist technical skills in which they are the local expert. They will have expertise, skills and knowledge which they can bring to bear. They provide a source of expertise in areas which often will be the basis for purchasing decisions, for the support of teaching and learning or research. They are expected to be able to share the information in a manner appropriate to their audience.

The post holder will have a good knowledge of all HRM policies where it relates to ICT. They must understand and work within the associated procedures (hardware, refresh, licensing control procedures, etc), as well as exhibiting good technical working practice.

Most Challenging Part of the Job

Balancing the completing priorities of a wide range of tasks associated with service delivery to a diverse client base.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience Required

Must be educated to HND level or above or have significant relevant work experience demonstrating development through involvement in a series of progressively more demanding relevant work.

Preferably should have 3 years experience in an ICT service delivery environment.

The post holder must be able to work within a team environment, sharing skills, knowledge and information as appropriate with others.

An appreciation of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Is desirable.

The post holder will have good communication skills (written and oral) to explain technical concepts in an appropriate language to the customer.

The post holder will be a technical expert in one or more products (SPSS, Mays etc, of the University ICT provision. Where an industry qualification exists (MCP etc) is desirable the post holder has that qualification. Where a qualification is not available it is desirable that the post holder can demonstrate 12 months experience in using the product.

The post holder must have an awareness of the legislative framework which surrounds ICT.

Person requirements

HRM Homecare Services Ltd, an award winning care provider and market leader, is seeking to appoint an ICT Development Officer and Team Leader covering 4 sites in Scotland.

Based in Kilmarnock the post holder will be responsible for developing the companies ICT infrastructure, providing technical support and maintenance for all company hardware, software, ICT systems and facilities as well as carrying out the day to day management of our ICT support team.

Qualified to a minimum of HND level, you will have a detailed knowledge of software licensing and control policy, have the ability to troubleshoot systems and network problems, diagnose and solve hardware/software faults, report to director level, and take a lead role in website design and social media profiling.

We require a multitasker with the drive to test and evaluate new technology in line with the requirements of an expanding, dynamic business.

Further information can be obtained by calling us on 01563 570999. Application packs can be obtained

Company information

HRM Homecare Services Ltd is a leading provider of care at home and social care in Scotland. Our services are designed for and with the people we support. We care for people of all ages and abilities.

We specialise in supporting users of care services and their families to live independent lives in their own home. We offer a unique service of tailored care visits, from 30 minutes to 24 hours a day giving complete care and we assist family carers.

We support children and families, adults with disabilities, elderly people, people with complex conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s, and those who just need a little extra support to improve the quality of their lives.

We care!

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