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What Do Graduates Do 2012

This publication looks at the destinations of graduates who completed their studies in 2011.  With specialist articles on regional data, self employment, further study and an employment review as well as articles and figures on graduate destination by discipline this is an invaluable resource of information.

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Turnaround year for graduate jobs

Is the graduate jobs market finally beginning to recover from the recession? The answer appears to be a qualified yes. A report published this month says that ‘2010 has seen a small but encouraging turnaround,’ and suggests that graduate employment is beginning to recover from the impact of the economic downturn, although it is still not back to pre-recession levels.

The report, What do graduates do?, analyses what 2010 graduates were doing six months after graduation, and finds that growth in the business and financial services has created more opportunities for recent graduates. This appears to have softened the impact of the early stages of the government’s cuts in public spending.

The proportion of 2010 graduates who were unemployed six months after finishing their degrees was 8.5%, down from 8.9% for 2009 graduates. The report commented, ‘Although the unemployment of graduates in 2010 has fallen, it remains high in comparison to the levels reported at the beginning of the recession.’


Current students who are worried about their job prospects should think about developing their employability skills – skills such as teamworking and problem-solving – through work experience, volunteering and getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus.

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