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New Year Resolutions – Is “Get a Job” on your list?

new-year-resolutionIs one of your New Year Resolutions to get a job?

Are you thinking you’ll put off doing anything about it until … after the exams… after Easter… after you Graduate… a “tomorrow” that never comes? Sure, you might still achieve your goal with that attitude, but you’re much more likely to be successful if you follow these tips:

  1. Be specific – As with all resolutions, avoid making vague statements, think about short-term, achievable, behavioural goals that will lead you to being successful in your overall goal/resolution.
  2. Schedule time – It’s important to schedule time each week to focus on your career goals/job hunting, in the same way that you should schedule your study and social time. This helps to provide balance and remove stress.
  3. Know yourself – Ask yourself what you really want out of your career. For help with this check out Prospects Career Planner & Target Jobs Careers Report
  4. Identify your skills – Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate our skills and experiences. Download our skills reflection tools to help.
  5. Network – A great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and discover the hidden job market.
  6. Use social media wisely – Your social media presence can make or break your job hunt. Check out our top tips for using social media for your career.
  7. Volunteer – A great way to show employers how dedicated and hardworking you are.
  8. Attend Careers & Employability Service Workshops – Watch out for our new calendar of events on our Weekly Update emails or here:

Good luck for 2015!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

2nd On the 2nd Day of Christmas…

UWS CES brings to you…

TWO Career Decision Making Tools

Clueless in UWS? Need some help deciding what you want to do?

Check out these online resources for some help:


Prospects Planner – A careers guidance tool designed to match your skills, interests and motivations to relevant occupations.

Target Jobs Careers Report – A tool to reveal your strengths and skills, pinpoint graduate jobs and careers that suit you and set you on a postive plan of action.

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