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Enterprise Rent A Car – Come Alive -Graduate Opportunities…and Beyond

Enterprise Image

In Brief
With the largest fleet on the planet, we’re the biggest rental car organisation in the world and
operate out of more than 8,200 neighbourhood and airport locations, and are expanding all the time.
Better still, we have over 400 offices in the UK, so we can offer you real freedom as to where
you’d like to start your career.

The Facts
In as little as two years, you could be ready to run a branch yourself. That’s because our training
and your entrepreneurial approach are an incredible combination. After a classroom-based induction you’ll be assigned to a branch office where the real business training begins. It includes business management, marketing, sales, customer service and fleet control. With brilliant mentors to help you, and tests and evaluations that lead to pay rises and other rewards, you’ll be well on your way. Your first promotion will be to Management Assistant, setting you on the right career path for a role as Branch Manager, Area Manager and beyond!

About You
Diversity is a huge goal in all areas of our business, and our commitment extends to every employee,
customer and business partner. We strive to celebrate the many differences that make us unique
as they help make our business a successful one. Whatever your background we’re certain you can
bring us all the qualities we’re looking for. You’re passionate, hard-working and have bags of
initiative – not least when it comes to grabbing the huge number of opportunities there are at Enterprise. You’ll be a good leader too, and sufficiently savvy to make the most of what comes your way.

Rewards & Apply
You’ll start on a competitive salary and be in line for bonus plans and promotion. There are many
other rewards on offer too, from employee referral bonuses to fun, company-sponsored events.
So apply online at

The Role of a UWS SIE Intern – Angela Castellano

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This month we asked UWS SIE intern to tell us about her role with SIE and how it is helping her gain key employability skills for the future…

I am a first year Web and Mobile Development student at UWS. Right after starting my university experience I learnt that good grades alone are not enough. What an employer wants is someone bold, able to handle responsibilities and step out from their comfort zone.

Soon after starting classes in September, I started to look for an opportunity to develop my transferable skills. Being a first year student I didn’t expect to find a great internship in my field right away, therefore volunteering for different organisations looked like the best option. This is how I came across The Scottish Institute for Enterprise. SIE is a charity organisation that gives free business advice to students and also helps them develop employability skills through workshops, events and competitions – both locally and all around Scotland.

I first got involved with SIE as a volunteer ambassador after my module coordinator forwarded to his students the flyer promoting the ambassador position. After a couple of months, the SIE paid intern position at UWS became available and I decided to apply. SIE employs one student in every Scottish university and this role is to promote the organisation through stalls, lecture shout-outs, social media and events. I got the role and I had the chance to engage with a large number of students coming from all different backgrounds. It inspired me so much to witness how brave some of them were to challenge themselves by opening their own business in their early 20’s while still studying.

I am aware that I still have a long way ahead of me before graduating, but after this experience with SIE I feel more confident and inspired by my own ideas and possibilities.

There are many ways to get involved with SIE:

• Participate to the monthly competitions. All a student needs to do it is to have an idea that they believe could evolve into a business.

• Come along to one of the free workshops organised in the UWS campuses. These are held by a trainer and are extremely interactive and interesting. They are a great way to develop new skills.

• The intern’s role is also to organise and run small events – in the past months the Paisley campus held a Game Jam competition and a Movie Night organised by the intern and the ambassadors.

• SIE also has a big event open to all students in Scotland: the annual SIE SUMMIT. At this year’s event, the students had the opportunity to listen to business owners that started as entrepreneurs themselves, ask questions to an employability panel and to network with other students.

It is often wrongly assumed that SIE can only be useful for business students! What’s extremely important to understand is how the Scottish Institute for Enterprise welcomes students from every field of study.

By Angela Castellano

International Nurses Day 12th May 2015

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International Nurses Day on May 12th gives everyone in the careers and employability team at UWS a great chance to thank and congratulate our nursing students and graduates for the amazing effort and dedication they put into their studies and career! The event, to commemorate the birth of Florence Nightingale, is an international day to focus on nurses and the role the profession has in every society.

The theme for 2015 is “Nurses: A Force for Change; Cost Effective and Care Effective” and organisations such as the Royal College of Nursing or International Council of Nurses have more information on the theme and the profession.

Of course, if you are a current nursing student the careers staff will work with you as part of your programme to make sure you have as much advice and guidance as possible to compete in the jobs market when you graduate, but if you are currently in the profession remember we also work with graduates up to 2 years after completing. So, if you are considering your nursing career path or need help with that Band 6 application statement, remember we can help!

For now, we wish you every success in your career, and take the time around this International Nursing Day to reflect on the great work you do every day as a nurse. For those non-nurses reading this, have a look at the role and the demands of the job and the amazing work of nurses all over the world – you might just find a possible career path……..!

Women have historically been underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths ie STEM fields.

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We asked Jennifer Reid, a UWS School of Engineering student, to tell us about her role as an Interconnect representative:

Interconnect is a programme run by Equate Scotland to encourage women into underrepresented subjects such as the STEM subjects. The programme also forms a support network and various programmes to encourage women already in these areas of work. Interconnect has many representatives spread out over the majority of the universities in Scotland and when I was selected for UWS I was the first one for the University.

My first step was to attend a meeting with the other reps and get an idea and advice on how to set up a group. As I want to be a teacher in the future, I decided that as well as support girls in my university, I wanted to encourage high school children to choose subjects that would allow them to move into STEM subjects at a higher level.

In order to do this effectively I became a STEM Ambassador. To gain members for the group I attended the Freshers Fair on the Hamilton campus and contacted the careers advisor for Engineering (as this is my subject) as well as my head lecturer who were both very helpful and offered any support possible.

I attended as many of the Equate workshops and networking events as possible to make contacts, and these connections led to site visits for the group of about 8 girls to Bridge of Weir Leather and Rolls Royce. During my first trimester being a representative I also went along to a careers fair at a local high school to promote Equates philosophies and offer advice to any potential STEM students.

Through the role I have been able to join the committee who are applying for UWS to gain their Athena Swan award and have been able to discuss continuing Equate’s work within the university with the Manager for Equality and Diversity.

In the future I am planning for two women in the industry to come to the University and give a talk to the group about their experiences. I hope to continue working closely with the university and would like the work done at Hamilton campus to be spread across the other campuses as well and to include more disciplines.

For more information visit:

You can also contact Jennifer via her student email account:

Whether it is about Church or Chocolate for you, the Careers and Employability Team at UWS want to wish you a Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter

Whether it is about Church or Chocolate for you, the Careers and Employability Team at UWS want to wish you a Happy Easter!

This time of year is very appropriate to make use of our service, whether you start to plan ahead to the next year of your course and what you could be involved in, or are approaching the end of your course and are thinking about graduate jobs or postgraduate study. We are on every campus so make use of the help and expertise we offer.

For now though, we couldn’t resist a few intriguing Easter facts (we really are a mine full of information you know…..!)

Easter Fact 1: Every child in the UK receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year – double their recommended calorie intake for a whole week (data was not available for how many eggs a UWS student receives……)

Easter Fact 2: When people munch a chocolate Easter bunny, 76 per cent bite off the ears first, 5 per cent opt for the feet and 4 per cent go straight for the tail. Psychometric analysis of what this says about you can probably be found by a careers adviser…….

Easter Fact 3: The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011. Standing 10.39 metres tall and weighing 7,200 kg, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant. We are unsure of the exact approach taken to eat it……..

Easter Fact 4: Before the exchanging of chocolate eggs (in the early 1900’s) gifts consisted of decorated chicken eggs and stuffed hollow cardboard eggs. See kids, you don’t know how lucky you are these days……….!

Easter Fact 5: Different countries celebrate Easter in different ways. In Sweden they do not have an Easter Bunny, they have an Easter Wizard!

And on that magical note, we are off. Happy Easter everybody!


This post was brought to you by Colin Dewar, Careers Team Leader

On the 9th Day of Christmas…

9thOn the 9th Day of Christmas…

UWS CES brings to you…

NINE tips to dress for success

In job-hunting, first impressions are critical. Do not underestimate this! Remember, you are marketing a product – yourself – to a potential employer. Will dressing properly get you the job? Of course not, but it can give you a competitive edge and provide a positive first impression.

Many would suggest that you shouldn’t be judged by what you wear, but the reality is, that you will be!

Read more… 9 Essential Tips for Dressing for Success



Thanksgiving… Gratitude… and Your Job Search

Thanksgiving2This week our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving… a holiday that celebrates feeling grateful for the good in life and showing appreciation, despite circumstances and conditions that may otherwise make us feel quite negative. It’s a holiday I wish we celebrated in the UK – we appear to have taken on board the Black Friday shopping spree, but not the sentiment of the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, what does this have to do with careers?

During a frustrating and prolonged job search, it can be very difficult to maintain a positive attitude, so the gratitude mindset of Thanksgiving can be very useful. It’s important to remember how far you’ve come and the challenges you’ve worked through.

Gratitude is not just a catchphrase that new age gurus use to sell books. Studies have shown that feeling and expressing gratitude can help you be more successful in your job search and in your career.

Cultivating gratitude not only makes you a happier individual, but also makes you a more attractive person to work with. Employers want to hire positive people. They do not want to hire the next whinger to contribute to the water cooler moans and groans, so if you want to do one better than the competition, exhibit a positive mindset and how you enjoy life’s simple pleasures and appreciate what you have. People who are happy in life, and are proud of who they are, have a glow about them that attracts more positive energy to them.

Demonstrating resiliency is another way to set yourself apart from the competition. Companies want employees who can bounce back quickly from the adversity thrown at them. Be a forward-thinker rather than dwelling on the past – this is what companies need!

Expressing thanks can also differentiate you. Believe it or not, the simple act of saying “thank you” can make a big difference! Check out this infographic for some dos and don’ts on saying thank you during your job search.

So, today think about what makes you great! List all of your strengths and competencies! Think about that job you really want and how you can sell your skills to get you that job! Use our downloadable tools to help you.


By Carol Vaughan (Information Services Co-ordinator, UWS Careers & Employability Service)
@cfvaughan on Twitter

Lorna’s new “little sisters” from the magical Echo Lake Road

Lorna’s new “little sisters” from the magical Echo Lake Road

Driving through the gates on Echo Lake road was something which I had been dreaming about since my Summer ended in 2013. The day had now arrived and 12 months after I first step foot into Camp Vega, I was finally back to live my life to the full. The beauty of this place is just breath-taking and even now, yet still it amazes me every single day that I spend there. There are a few organisations out there, but I just cannot thank AmeriCamp enough for making my dreams come true. I was just so glad that I had chosen the right company when choosing what everyone refers to as “camp America”.


My normal life compared to camp life just isn’t the same and I now live by the motto “10 for 2”, you live 10 months for the two months of the summer where you are back at your summer home, and Vega is most definitely my Summer home. There was no doubt in my mind that I would return for 2014 and the same goes for summer camp America 2015. The excitement and craziness of opening day is something which you won’t forget and you know then it is the start to the most amazing summer!


There is never a dull day at camp, from everyday activities, whether that be in the Arts and Crafts department; to lazy Sunday’s, where Olympic events take place, to everything in between each day is better than the next. The traditions that are within a camp gives them their own uniqueness and Camp Vega has plenty of them! From Olympic events to Marathon to Sunset Circle, Vega’s are special to every person on camp; to be part of the traditions makes you a part of their history.

Also I was a bunk counsellor as well as being in art and crafts and this was the most rewarding aspect about camp. The age group I was put in was inters (11-12 years old) in summer 2013 and followed them up to seniors (12-13 years old). They were the 11 little sisters that I never had. Not only did I get to experience the extraordinary world again this summer I am lucky enough to have made the best friends that will last for a lifetime; they are not just your friends they become your family.
Vega is my summer home and 10 for 2 is my motto! Without AmeriCamp this would have never been possible, so if anyone is having any doubts about doing AmeriCamp I could not recommend it enough! Get applying and 100% choose AmeriCamp; it is the most amazing experience you will ever have and get the most money… and biscuits of course!

BUNAC – Work America by Sarah Beamish


This summer, I was paid to work outside in the beautiful countryside of rural Maryland, USA and went to the USA with a work and travel company called BUNAC. Although working at a kennel did mean I scooped a lot of poop, I also made life-long friendships with some amazing Americans, visited 6 different states (Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and New York!), got into a pool every day after work, visited 3 different beaches, and ticked multiple landmarks off my bucket list! I can honestly say that being able to work on my tan, socialise with new friends and pet, play with and walk some cute dogs was not a shabby way to spend my summer.

BUNAC enabled me to find my own job in the States, and that meant I could work with my best friend who I’ve known for over 4 years! Being able to spend 3 months with a person I usually only speak to on Skype and see rarely? Priceless! Working in Maryland meant I was a stone’s throw away from America’s capital, Washington DC and I saw so many landmarks that I’d only ever seen before on television, like the Washington Monument, the White House (Hello, President Obama!) and the Capitol Building. DC also boasts amazing free museums, including the Natural History Museum which allows you a cheeky look at where one of the Night at the Museum movies was filmed. Living in Maryland meant all of this was easily accessible, and really cheap to get to by the MTA Metro.

Through working at a kennel, I gained a wide skill set that has meant I’ve been able to expand my CV since I’ve been home. From basic pet care to more advanced animal handling. I was also given the opportunity to lead a team of co-workers and organise various schedules. Through being able to try everything and anything meant my Work America experience helped me to gain more confidence, some rare skills I never thought I’d learn and also have enormous amounts of fun every day. The job never got boring, and also allowed for a lot of free time for travel and exploring.

Along with visiting DC, I travelled the East Coast of the USA after I had finished my time at Shady Spring. This meant I visited everything from Amish Farmer’s Markets in Pennsylvania to the bright lights of New York City. The ability to have such contrasting experiences on one trip and to live in the USA meant that when I left the UK that dark, rainy day in May, I didn’t leave home, I just found another one. BUNAC helped me so much along the way, from getting my visa to 24 hour support while I was out there. I really gained summer experience which has helped me immensely in my future, and would happily go again!


It’s nearly Christmas….are you commercially aware?

Whether you have hit the high street or searched online for some pre-Christmas bargains, savvy shoppers and retailers are about to enter a manic phase of the year. If your understanding of commercial awareness is related to the best price comparison sites or where to buy the cheapest coffee on campus then you really must read on as this article may just help in your future career!
Employers and Careers Advisers alike will throw back their head and proffer that you must show commercial awareness if you are to stand even the slightest glimmer of hope in the ever competitive graduate employment market. Faced with such an image (admitted a careers adviser with their head thrown back may not be the most intimidating sight you will come across at university) it is not easy to utter the words “but what is commercial awareness?”

Essentially, it can be summarised as an informed knowledge base of an organisation and the sector or environment in which it operates. Depending on the sector in which you are interested, this could involve understanding some of the targets or economics of the organisation, how they are placed in the sector or who the competitors and major players are. It could encompass the wider market in which the organisation operates or an understanding of what the future may hold for that sector for example in terms of change or technological advance. Commercial awareness can also extend to customer or client base, and having a depth of knowledge on trends or issues affecting this group, and of course then being able to relate your graduate attributes and personal knowledge and abilities to show that you are well placed to deliver on the employer demands.

If this all sounds too much and you are already contemplating abandoning your graduate career and returning to find a free delivery code for your holiday purchases, then be aware that help is at hand. The Careers and Employability Service have a range of seminars on campus, online information and offer 1-1 guidance to help in the wider area of graduate job search, which involves the development of commercial awareness, since we would always advise that you research an organisation that you are applying to or are interested in working with.

Broadly, have a look at our literature as well as industry magazines, journals and blogs and certainly the company website. Use social media smartly – research use of LinkedIN or try and follow appropriate Tweets from the company and organisations in the sector, and attend conferences or fairs if appropriate – many can be attended virtually or you can follow Tweets from individuals in attendance or fair organisers which give a real feel of what is going on and can equip you with key sector knowledge. Direct contact (meetings, emails, visits) or experience (placements, internships, volunteering) with organisations can also lead to deeper commercial awareness and should be explored.

So be smart and get commercially aware. You might just grab a bargain AND get ahead in the job market……..

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