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Leigh Green – Student Success – My Story

Leigh Green

Leigh Green, BA (Hons) Business


I entered the UWS Business Enterprise competition in April 2015 and was the winning recipient of a Renfrewshire Incube space (a prize worth £11k!) with my friend for her business idea, Knit Knax. I am currently providing business advice and administrative support for the business, juggling this role with my Honours and duties as a mum and domestic goddess!

Overcoming challenges…

I lacked confidence that our idea was genuinely any good. The business idea had been discussed for a few years but we had no idea where to start. I entered the competition not expecting to achieve a place in the final let alone win a prize – if anything we just wanted some feedback on our idea. We were amazed at the positivity and encouragement received from our presentation.
I have changed considerably during my time at UWS and my close friends and family have all commented on this. My self-awareness, confidence in my own abilities and my new found openness to ideas have meant I am now far more likely to jump in and give things a go. I used to be quite shy, a bit of a wallflower and unwilling to instigate change. I now realise that if I want things to change in my life, I can’t sit back and wait for them to happen. I am now far more willing to push boundaries and work outside my comfort zone to overcome challenges. Through the support of my friends, family and UWS staff, I have embraced the fact that I am a naturally academic, intelligent, erudite woman who is capable of so much more that I previously thought.

Improving my employment prospects…

I look back at what I have achieved so far with an awareness of the difficulties and struggles that I had to overcome to get to where I am today. I have a new found respect for myself, a new and improved inner confidence as well as a greater self-belief in my skill set; these attributes can only improve my employability. Winning the Incube award and being part of a joint business venture will enhance my CV considerably. The experience will be invaluable to future employers.

My advice to students…
Just do it. Don’t hold back, embrace it and get involved. Take a risk because you don’t know where it will lead. Only dead fish go with the flow!!


Careers & Employability; Celebrates Employment Project of the Year for Mentoring

IMG_0341 (2)

The UWS Employer Mentoring Programme has been awarded Employment Project of the Year by the Scottish Mentoring Network. The programme matches final year students with a mentor in industry over the academic year. Since its pilot in 2012, a total of 104 students have participated with 78 mentors trained to date. Employers range from small to medium enterprises to larger organisations including Hewlett-Packard, Clydesdale Bank, Luddon Construction and BBC Scotland.

Lynsey McMahon, Coordinator and Karen Shearer, Programme Administrator attended SMN’s National Event & Recognition Awards held at St Pauls’ Church in Edinburgh last Wednesday to receive the award. The award recognises successes and achievements over the past year including outcomes for mentees, training and applying good practice.

UWS were asked to host a table at the event discussing the impact of mentoring with other projects. Gavin Paterson, Development Officer with Scotland Alliance was also awarded with Highly Commended Mentor for his exceptional contribution to the UWS Employer Mentoring Programme.

Recruitment for our 2015/16 intake is currently underway and if you would like to know more about our programme please contact

scottish mentoring network

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