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If you’re wondering when or whether to disclose a disability, at University or when applying for a job, you might find the following advice useful:

There’s no legal requirement to disclose a disability. Our general advice would be to disclose before it becomes a barrier to you. Your rights under the The Equality Act 2010 apply at any time you disclose, whether this be at application, interview or any time after.

The Careers and Employability Service and Disability Service are both here to provide advice and guidance on a range of issues, including disclosure of a disability.

There are Disability Advisers and Careers Advisers available at each campus and you can arrange contact through the Student Link reception – more information can be found at

Advisers provide a confidential, professional opportunity for you to discuss thoughts or concerns.

Disability Advisers: Disclosure at University – who, when and why…

Disability Advisers are a good source of advice if you’re not sure where to start. Your information is treated confidentially and Advisers would normally only send relevant information to lecturing staff, exams co-ordinators and occasionally library staff, as agreed with you at your appointment with them.

If you are meeting someone new within the University who doesn’t know about your disability, for instance a Careers Adviser, librarian or a visiting lecturer, it can be helpful for you if staff know what you need: for example if you have difficulties reading website materials, information can be prepared in an alternative format for you.

Careers Advisers: Advice and Information when applying for a job or other opportunity…

• Understanding what might be classed as a disability
• Considering when or if you should disclose a disability
• Deciding how to present your disability positively to an employer
• Exploring your career development options both during and after university

The careers and employability service can send you information on different aspects of disclosure, and these are also available on campus.

For more information and contact details visit or arrange to speak to staff by visiting the Student Link on campus.


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