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Lorna’s new “little sisters” from the magical Echo Lake Road

Lorna’s new “little sisters” from the magical Echo Lake Road

Driving through the gates on Echo Lake road was something which I had been dreaming about since my Summer ended in 2013. The day had now arrived and 12 months after I first step foot into Camp Vega, I was finally back to live my life to the full. The beauty of this place is just breath-taking and even now, yet still it amazes me every single day that I spend there. There are a few organisations out there, but I just cannot thank AmeriCamp enough for making my dreams come true. I was just so glad that I had chosen the right company when choosing what everyone refers to as “camp America”.


My normal life compared to camp life just isn’t the same and I now live by the motto “10 for 2”, you live 10 months for the two months of the summer where you are back at your summer home, and Vega is most definitely my Summer home. There was no doubt in my mind that I would return for 2014 and the same goes for summer camp America 2015. The excitement and craziness of opening day is something which you won’t forget and you know then it is the start to the most amazing summer!


There is never a dull day at camp, from everyday activities, whether that be in the Arts and Crafts department; to lazy Sunday’s, where Olympic events take place, to everything in between each day is better than the next. The traditions that are within a camp gives them their own uniqueness and Camp Vega has plenty of them! From Olympic events to Marathon to Sunset Circle, Vega’s are special to every person on camp; to be part of the traditions makes you a part of their history.

Also I was a bunk counsellor as well as being in art and crafts and this was the most rewarding aspect about camp. The age group I was put in was inters (11-12 years old) in summer 2013 and followed them up to seniors (12-13 years old). They were the 11 little sisters that I never had. Not only did I get to experience the extraordinary world again this summer I am lucky enough to have made the best friends that will last for a lifetime; they are not just your friends they become your family.
Vega is my summer home and 10 for 2 is my motto! Without AmeriCamp this would have never been possible, so if anyone is having any doubts about doing AmeriCamp I could not recommend it enough! Get applying and 100% choose AmeriCamp; it is the most amazing experience you will ever have and get the most money… and biscuits of course!


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