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Camp Leaders – The best job you’ll ever have. by Nicole Forbes

Spend the summer working in an American summer camp with Camp Leaders.

As an organisation, Camp Leaders send people from all over the world, to work at camps in America. So far they have sent over 50,000 people to 500 summer camps in all 50 states – pretty amazing, right?

If you’re interested in becoming a lifeguard, camp counselor, activity specialist, or support staff, we have a vast amount of jobs to suit your interests. Not only will your job be fantastic, but you’ll also have the opportunity to travel around the US after camp with all the new friends you have just made. When you’re home, you can add that you now have international work experience with an American employer on your CV (Camp Leaders Summer Camp Jobs are recognised by 95% of employers) and then you’ll really stand out from the crowd. In my most recent interview, my employer mentioned that he was extremely impressed by my summer camp experience as it shows I have the ability to challenge myself, I can adapt to new situations and be extremely flexible – top qualities that employers look for.

I worked at camp for 3 summers as a counselor, assault course instructor, archery instructor, nature teacher and special needs coordinator. Every summer, I gained 700 hours of coaching and teaching experience working with the children. At my camp, we would pick up our campers in Seattle on a private ferry at the start of every session to take them to camp and then we would have a 2 hour boat party on the way back to camp. It was incredible watching the sunrise over the city on our journey back to camp. My absolute favourite day had to be the 4th of July. On this day the atmosphere at camp was incredible and we spent the night watching the firework displays throughout the island, we also witnessed an orca whale swim by camp which was truly breathtaking. Or even on overnight camping trips, the time was spent singing songs around the campfire and roasting s’mores (which are a must-try because they are de-li-cious).

After camp, I travelled to LA to surf on Venice Beach, visited San Francisco to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge, swam with dolphins in Florida, climbed mountains in Montana, road tripped to Canada, line danced in Idaho, explored the music scene in Seattle and Oregon, spent weekends in Las Vegas, and watched the sunrise from the top of the empire state building in New York. It truly was the experience of a lifetime and we can help you have this experience to.

Applying to camp through Camp Leaders was really simple and they helped me organise all the important things such as my visa and insurance and were always available to help me with any queries I had. Camp Leaders also paid for my flights as they are included in the initial programme fees, which was fantastic. I also got to live in a really cool cabin at camp and didn’t have to pay for food or accommodation whilst I was there. Finally, I got paid to do a job that I absolutely loved with an amazing bunch of campers and friends, life really doesn’t get any better than camp.

We’ve started hiring already for summer 2015 so apply now to Camp Leaders and we can help you find the best job you’ll ever have!

Check out our website and begin the application for free –


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