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If only Guy Fawkes had visited his careers service……

Long before his failed attempt to blow up the Parliament Building (to kill the king) on the 5th November in 1605, Guy Fawkes was pretty determined about his political and religious stand point. He was also hailed as an intelligent debater who had physical endurance and prowess. This got me thinking, what if he had utilised these skills in another career, used his powers for good rather than evil? Or alternatively, if he was determined on the path to gunfire treason and plot visited his careers service and learned how to train as a more successful demolition expert, or a better project manager? History could be very different and we could be missing out on our yearly fix of pyrotechnics!

The Careers and Employability Service is here to help you with any aspect of your career planning, from writing an effective CV, to making those all important decisions about what path you want to take upon graduation, and what you can be doing along the way to help you achieve your goals. We can help you think about what skills you have and what career these might adapt well to, and unlike a certain Mr Fawkes, we can help you become a success in your chosen path.
So come along and see the Careers and Employability Service at your campus, or make an appointment at the Student Link, and let us help you put a sparkle(r) in your ideas!!


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