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Saltire Foundation

Here is a blog to give you a brief overview of the Saltire Foundation, an idea of what is expected in the application process and what it’s like to gain an internship.

Who are the Saltire Foundation?

• The Saltire Foundation are a charitable organisation who aim to invest in creating the next generation of Scotland’s business leaders.
• All of the Saltire Foundation internships are global – 70% are outside Scotland and 30% are based in Scotland
• All Saltire Foundation internships are fully funded – including flights, visas, insurance and weekly stipend.

What does the application process entail?

The Saltire Scholar Application consists of 5 stages, which are detailed below:

1. The Application – Asks genuine questions such as why do you want to want to become a Saltire Scholar? Questions about past experiences both within/outwith University.

2. The Speed Interview – consist of two back to back 15-minute interviews one with a previous Saltire Scholar and one with a professional businessperson. They will ask you genuine interview questions that may be similar to your application.

3. Cover Letters – This is where you want to make an impression on your chosen organisation, be sure to link your skills and qualities to your duties/role, which will be detailed in the project specification and tell them why you would like the position.

4. Company Interview – The method of your interview may vary slightly depending on the location of your organisation, it could be Face to Face, Telephone Interview or over Skype. Whichever method it is it’s important you prepare for it, research the background of your company and learn the STAR technique to help you produce effective answers.

Check out my video for more hints and tips:

What is it like to gain an internship?

Gaining an internship is certainly an incredible experience, I spent 8 weeks this summer interning with brightsolid and I learned so much both on a personal and professional level, I was treated like a valued member of the organisation and not like an “average intern.” I got the opportunity to work with some amazing people who were really passionate about their work, and I felt that I could ask any questions and they would happily answer them. The fact that the projects I worked on had real significant value to the company meant that I was given a level of responsibility to make sure my work was completed to a high standard. I really liked this because it made me feel like I was there to serve a purpose and not just to learn. Although work is a huge part of your internship make sure you have fun too, it’s always great to network with new people, and try different things, visit new places etc. It is an adventure after all, a very quick one at that. The 8 weeks just flew by. To find out more about my 8 week adventure read my weekly blogs: – /blog/chelsea.douglas


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