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Teach English in Hong Kong and travel Asia with the Chatteris International Graduate Programme

Chatteris International are pleased to announce that a representative will be coming to your area in February to conduct interviews and information sessions. To see our representatives route go to and look under the News section.

The representative will be in Glasgow on 17th February.

The Chatteris Educational Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation aiming to help Hong Kong students improve their English, promote cultural exchange and develop young leaders with a global vision.

There are 63 recent university graduates working within our International Graduate Programme this year. To see which universities they are from, please click here.

The Chatteris International Graduate Programme offers graduates with the minimum of a bachelor degree that is university accredited or higher qualification the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in Hong Kong.

This takes place whilst working in a Hong Kong school on a 9-month paid contract as a Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutor (CNET).  In addition to skills graduates develop whilst working within a Chinese school culture, Chatteris offers opportunities for graduates to widen their perspective, with focuses such as cultural and social activities, project management, career development, community work and professional skill development.

Through different aspects of the Chatteris International Graduate Programme, recent university graduates can:

  • Contribute directly to the life and learning experience of Hong Kong students, schools and community
  • Develop important attributes and gain transferable skills invaluable for a successful future career in any field, especially flexibility, adaptability, diversity, self-initiative, preparedness, coordination and collaboration
  • Undertake leadership and team player roles
  • Develop project management skills
  • Enhance global awareness through cultural exchange, learning to think globally and act locally


To find out more about our paid opportunities go to or view our video by following this link


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