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Think you might be interested in a career in B2B sales? Inside Sales @ HP Graduate Programme might be for you!

Inside Sales at HP in Erskine have developed a new Graduate Recruitment programme. Carol from the Careers & Employability Service went along to an open day last week to find out all about it and these are her comments:

The key points I took away from the event are:

  • The programme is “Sales Career Opportunities for Graduates” – but it is much more than a sales job. This is not like call centre work, but is B2B sales/ business development/ relationship management. Two speakers referred to it as being like running your own small business within a larger business.
  • Ongoing recruitment – not a case of x number per year at a particular time of year, but 40% of all positions to be filled, will be filled by recruiting a graduate. Potentially this relates to approx 18 jobs in next 6 months.
  • Recruitment process is competency based interview and presentation – for some positions there may be two rounds. Example presentation topics provided were “What does HP do?” and “What is a sales superstar?” A recruiting team leader spoke of graduates having to be able to articulate what they bring to the table. Having previously undertaken an internship with HP does not necessarily provide an advantage to being selected for a position with Inside Sales.
  • Requirements: Minimum of 2:2 degree and must have graduated within last 15 months.
  • There is no restriction on degree disciplines, however they have identified that those from Business, Marketing and Technology subjects are most likely to be suited to the programme.
  • The attributes they are looking for are:
    • Self motivated
    • Driven
    • Aptitude for sales
    • Professional
    • Results driven
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to think on feet
    • Commitment
  • Working with HP Inside Sales “can open doors” creating worthwhile career opportunities for young people. (When questioned, they did state that being a “young person” wasn’t a requirement.) They are seeking to recruit graduates who are ambitious in order to nurture and develop talent and offer excellent career progression opportunities. The aim is for Inside Sales to be the key Talent Pool for HP as a whole. Speakers were good example and all spoke very passionately about the organisation. Two examples:
    • 25 year old female (business, marketing & language degree) – been with HP for approx 18 months and had already been promoted twice and is in charge of several global accounts. She has been given opportunities to meet top executives both internally and externally.
    • Training & Development Manager (computer science degree) started with HP 9 years ago in sales, has had 5 different jobs, now in senior management.
  • Starting salary is £15,000 plus bonus plus 3 monthly increments in first year.
  • After first year, can apply for any position within the organisation.
  • Training & Development seems excellent and supportive (been developed by learning from successful US model): 5 week induction training to help graduates understand the business – intensive coaching in first few weeks “on the job” – continuous coaching with monthly one-to-one meetings to discuss career progression – encouraged to expand horizons – the graduate programme is flexible between one and two years – vast range of online courses are available to all staff – shadow visits – networking opportunities – Top Talent programme for fast track development – Management programme for those identified with leadership qualities.

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