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First UWS Volunteer Awards presented on Friday

Three UWS student volunteers were the first to benefit from a new award scheme which is the result of an initiative by the University, SAUWS and UWS Careers Service. The UWS Volunteer Recognition Awards scheme officially recognises students who give up their time to act as student representatives, volunteer with the students association or in student sport, or with organisations outside the university.

Awards are offered at three levels – Bronze for operational roles, Silver for leadership and training roles and Gold for strategic roles.  Students from all campuses/levels are eligible to apply.

The presentation took place at the annual Student Sports Ball and was well attended by students and staff involved.

Gordon Armstrong received the Bronze award for his work with the Careers & Employability Service to promote volunteering activity and guide students into suitable voluntary roles. As a Careers Guidance student he can clearly see the benefit of volunteering in enhancing his CV prior to applying to Careers Adviser roles this summer.

Ryan Woods was awarded a Silver award for his roles with Cricket and Rugby Teams at UWS. Ryan has worked tirelessly to develop both clubs and has provided leadership and direction which has resulted in two active clubs with healthy participation levels and increasing success in competition. The award has provided welcome recognition for his sustained input to the Sports teams.

Duncan Sturgeon was awarded a silver award for his work with LEAD 2014 and the Youthsport Trust in organising a training event for Young Sports leaders to prepare them to run festivals in schools in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Duncan found the experience a challenging one and he feels it has enhanced his confidence in dealing with problems and taking on responsibilities.


Students wishing to apply for awards next year are invited to email

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