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Record numbers working in IT jobs

Graduates considering technology careers will be pleased to learn that the number of people in the UK working in IT jobs is at a record level, according to a report published yesterday by tech-sector organisation e-skills. It estimates that 1,093,000 people in the UK now have careers in technology – that’s 4% of the UK workforce.

The report, which covers the period October to December 2010, also found that the number of advertised IT vacancies grew for the sixth consecutive quarter to 105,000. The number of ‘ready candidates’ (employed and unemployed IT workers looking for new jobs) declined to 95,000. Approximately 37,000 technologists – 3.3% – were unemployed. This compares favourably with the figure for the UK as a whole, which stood at 7.9% for the same period.

Technology sector wages rose slightly, with the average salary for an IT job standing at £38,500 pa. This too compares well against the UK average, calculated by the Office for National Statistics to be around £25,900.

The top ten skills that IT employers required for permanent roles were: SQL, C, C#, .Net, SQL SVR, ASP, Java, Java Script, HTML and Linux. The top ten for contract roles were: SQL, C, C#, Java, Oracle, .Net, SQL SVR, SAP, Unix and ASP.

The report follows announcements by several recruiters of IT graduates in recent weeks that they are increasing their intakes.

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